Monday, January 31, 2011


The answer is no. Slow, unreliable, painstaking expensive net, thats what it is


"The more soon, the more good" yeeeees, thats a fine fine example how indonesian speak english, and by sweet lord almighty we are positively like aids sure that it is the way all humankind should talk, even the englishman

indonesian, everyone is the best at everything!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

G??? What G???

Ngga tau ya ini cuma prasaan gw doang ato bukan, but apple never called their new phone "iphone 4G" tapi cuma "iphone 4" where'd u get the "G" from??? indonesian kebiasaan korupsi ya?? kebawa2 sampe merek orang dipake2in hurup "G" noraknya ngga ketulungan deh

"iphone 4" there's no FUCKIN "G" there!!!

Please, its not that hard, you're being waaaaaay too stupid, even for a stupid cunt like you,
you want a real "G"?? here, watch and read closely FUCK YOUG!!!!

Oh Father

Oh my beloved father thou art in heaven 
your son is listening to metal

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Holinessnessness

where did you think the word "holy shit" came from, it came from the lord, as he realize some of his holinessnessness creation are illegal in some countries only then he popped a mushroom on top of a cow dung for you to "shake it and bake it" 

hayoooh, mario sama luigi aja udah ketagihan juga sama jamur

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Food of Envy

Here's nasi padang, yes nasi padang folks, a food so famous around the entire universe it has even a cult follower of its own, until all of a sudden all of them dies. But in indonesia, they're a very cultural people, they have nasi padang averywhere even at mcdonalds, oh i remember that day when we burn a mcdonalds restaurant karena mreka ngga nyediain nasi padang

a good nasi padang with kikil, rendang, sambel ijo, but it suddenly became not that good tanpa kikil, rendang, dan sambel ijo hmmmm strange  

and here's what nasi padang looks like when its finished, oooh the irony

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pure Genius

This is the fatal crash video that took the life of a very talented Motogp rider Shoya Tomizawa, .....sad, tapi denger lagu yg dipilih nya buat  mebawa berita nya deh, thats appropriate ey, whats them fucker doin there?? celebratin?? our local news is much much funnier then our comedy show, which is a crap, a dogs poo to be precise

Hear ye faggots and maggots, this blog's aint for ya!!!

This blog supposed to tell you how much i love my life, but tellin ya how much i hate everyone else's is much more interesting, im a tellin ya about the things a saw on facebook, on the street, at a neighborhood, on the news, anything to tell ya how stupid everyone is compared to me 

you probably wont like it, pretty much u'll hate it, u'd tell me that its not nice, but i wont listen to ya

intinya adalah *@%**&$#$^&*@#