Saturday, February 26, 2011


21 is duapuluh satu, XXI is duapuluh satu juga. Why did you fuckers senengnya ngedebatin kalo gw sebut 21 dan XXI itu twentyone? Is your life so fucking happy you dont have anything else worth debating? Eks eks wan, you stupid piece of trash, it doesnt even sound good, it only make you sound even more idiot daripada aslinya

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Popmaya menyediakan banyak lagu gratis dan legal, semua musik yg ada sudah disesuaikan untuk slera musik para monyet

Thank You, Good Night

Have you read the news about import movies today??

Selamat tinggal bioskop dan film impor, karena gw ga akan membakar mata gw sendiri dengan nonton film2 lokal

Kita tinggal tunggu waktu dan beritanya sampe berak juga dikenain pajak

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Who the fuck ask you to kill for me?? IDIOTS!!!!

listen fella, im god, yes GOD THE ALMIGHTY if you haven't notice yet, if i want someone dead i can fuckin give 'em cancer and make em suffer till their blood runs dry, i am the creator of all things there is, I NEVER NEED ANYBODY'S HELP TO KILL ANY HUMANS, THAT IS MY CREATION!!!

FUCK YOU HUMANS you stab my creation from their back you coward piece of shit!!! and you screamin my name while doing it!!!! why you fuckers are out of line, i remember molding brains to put in each and everyone of you, where are them now?? who did you sold it to?? you fuckers i advise you all to just kill yourself

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dont Blame It On Drugs

Drugs, i want to thank you  for all the great music, fantastic movies, stories and children's books, thank you for everything that i've enjoyed all my life, its all because of you

But drugs are expensive, dangerous, and other bad things that the local news tells you, so here's what you should do, if you're an addict then you better do something fuckin awesome!!! john lennon use drugs, thats ok, he's fuckin awesome, young timmy here use drugs, what the fuck are you doing you sick pathetic looser??? you dont make money, and chicks dont wanna give you blowjob!!!! 

so what im sayin is, if you wanna use drugs you better be fuckin awesome, drugs is a terrible thing to waste for a piece of shit like young timmy